Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Survival As A People

When God foiled the building of the Tower of Babel on the plains of Shinar he did so in order that the people might be scattered into separate nations and no longer be one people with one language (Genesis 11:1-9). In the previous chapter, we are told that the sons of Noah--Shem, Ham, and Japheth--and their descendants would occupy specified parts of the earth. For example, we read in Genesis 10: 5 regarding the sons of Japheth: "By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided into their lands, everyone after his tongue, after their families, in their nations." It is clear, then, that God intended men to live separately with their own languages, kith and kin, and nations. Therefore, nations (i.e. peoples) have a Biblical mandate to exist and thereby to protect their interests from those who would destroy them either by war or more subtle means.

Because of a resurgence of godless multiculturalism and universalism (the new Tower of Babel), white Western Christians are threatened with extinction as a separate and identifiable people because of their own weakness and lack of Biblical understanding about the God-ordained principles of nationhood. While all other "nations" (i.e. groups based on race and ethnicity and "blood and soil") are encouraged to preserve themselves and their cultures, white Christians in the West (the descendants of Japheth) are told that we must give up everything we have in order to placate those different from ourselves and who bear some alleged grievance toward us (i.e. slavery, "racism," hatred, etc.) Sadly, it is often "Christian" ministers who lead the charge toward multiculturalism, pluralism, and universalism in the name of God himself. But they are false teachers.

By the grace of God, the philosophies and institutions of Christian liberty are the creations of Western European whites. In this age of rabid "political correctness," this salient truth is buried beneath the monumental lie that all men (and hence all cultures and civilizations) are "created equal." But truth is a stubborn and resilient thing. And the truth is that for at least the past 400 years, Western Christian (i.e. European-American) civilization alone has enjoyed the fruits of ordered liberty and abundant material prosperity. Elsewhere in the world despotism has been the order of the day. However, let us not boast for the simple reason that God has ordained things thusly out of His eternal wisdom. The Western world's blessings of the Gospel, liberty, and prosperity are just that, a blessing. In Acts 16: 6-9, Paul and Silas were headed for Asia to spread the Gospel, but the Holy Spirit forbade them to go into that region. Instead, the Spirit led them, by means of Paul's dream, westward into Macedonia. Thus the Gospel was forbidden to Asia in that day. Conversely, it was God's will that it be spread into Europe. Of this we cannot boast. Rather, we can only thank God that in His providence He saw fit to bless our ancestors with His word and all that flows from obedience to it.

Our white European-American ancestors had no trouble enunciating the obvious truth that Western Christian civilization was superior to all others. Moreover, they had no hesitation about defending it, as their God-given patrimony, against those who would denigrate or destroy it. Just a century ago, our civilization was still distinguished by a robustness and self-confidence born out of a realization of the natural superiority of the West and its ways. None but the most crack-brained utopians believed in social, political, economic, and cultural equality, nor did they believe in the equality of the races in intellect and accomplishment. Unfortunately, the present century has witnessed the old order turned upon its head.

Today, the descendants of those European-American whites behave as a shamed and defeated people. Not only do they refuse to proclaim the God-ordained superiority of their own civilization and its venerable institutions; they also refuse to defend the very ethnic and racial particularities that gave form and definition to that civilization. "White" has become a dirty word, and few whites can even use the term now without wincing and casting furtive glances to and fro. But to deny one's identity in such a manner is to dishonor the God who made us what we are and who separated us from the other races for His own eternal purposes. While blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other groups revel in their natural peculiarities, whites will not dare even admit that race is one of the primary factors that determines who we are and what we create on this earth. This is a simple and fundamental fact of God's creation. We are who we are simply because He has commanded it.

Because Christian liberty has been the product of Western civilization, should the white stock of Europe and American disappear through racial amalgamation or outright genocide, then both liberty and civilization as we have come to know them will cease to exist. As whites have lost the will to defend their inheritance, there has been a corresponding increase in the willingness of the colored races to destroy Western Christian civilization and replace it with their own vision of the "good society." That vision, or nightmare, as it were, will have no truck with the rule of law, equity, or fairness. It will be predicated on the "intimidation factor"--the employment of brute force by the strong against the weak. In short, it will be "payback time" for the alleged mistreatment that minorities-cum-majorities have suffered at the hands of the White Devils.

Why do white Americans, in particular those who can trace their lineage to the founding stock, lack the backbone to stand for the civilization given them by their forebears? A major reason is collective guilt. The white man first came into widespread contact with the darker races through the institution of slavery in the seventeenth century. Slavery (and not "man stealing") was successfully defended from a Biblical standpoint through the War for Southern Independence and beyond, but after the South's defeat and subsequent "reconstruction" the institution's legitimacy was systematically undermined in the name of "equality" and misappropriated "Christian ethics." During the first half of the twentieth century, Communists in Europe and America seized on the issues of "equality," "racism," and "white guilt" and began to use them as battering rams to knock down the gates of the old social, political, and economic order in the West. Moreover, the bogus work of leftist intellectuals such as Franz Boas and Margaret Mead told white Europeans and Americans that all cultures were basically equal (i.e. what became known as "cultural relativism").

Slavery and "racism" (the latter term was coined by the Bolsheviks), then, became instruments wielded by the left to destroy the very civilization, which allowed them the freedom and leisure to formulate and articulate their ideas in the first place. This nihilistic predilection shared by all leftists appears paradoxical at first glance; however, upon closer inspection it reveals a deep-seated hatred of God-given order and rationality, hallmarks of the white Western world. The leftist embrace of the antithesis of ordered Christian liberty manifested itself early on in a fascination with the primitiveness of non-white, non-Christian peoples and cultures. It was the "Enlightenment" philosophes in France who first became enamored with the idea of the "noble savage" who had not been corrupted by the vile civilization of the West.

The leftists' success in introducing the concept of "racism" into the American social and political lexicon has led today to increasingly shrill demands from black leaders for set-asides, affirmative action, reparations, and other sorts of race-specific preferential treatment. This is clearly a policy of economic blackmail intended to transfer yet more wealth from whites to blacks. It also is another means of eliciting from whites an admission of guilt in order than their civilization might be further discredited. But instead of whites owing blacks reparations for slavery and its alleged attendant ills, for instance, blacks in reality owe white America (especially the South) a debt that likely will be neither acknowledged nor paid. Sold into slavery by their own people (or by the Muslims whom many blacks hold in such high regard today), Africans were transported out of a heathen and idolatrous continent and set down in the most Christian section of America--the South. There they were instructed in the Christian religion of their masters, given cradle-to-grave security, and generally treated quite humanely. In short, they were given a chance to live in an advanced civilization and have prospered mightily because of it. All one has to do is contrast the lot of today black Americans with that of his brethren back in Africa to see the truthfulness of this assertion.

The South's military defeat in 1865 and the subsequent sudden emancipation of three and one-half million slaves was a disaster for whites and blacks alike. Former slaves, who found themselves on top in many areas of the Reconstruction-era South, generally proved unfit to hold positions of authority. Spurred on by the Radical Republican leaders, these black legislators and newly enlisted soldiers earned the enmity of disenfranchised whites who saw the destruction of their society at hand. Therefore, once the Union military occupation forces withdrew from the South in 1876, white Southerners immediately began to reassert their authority over a war-ravaged society. During the period from 1865-77, whites in the South had seen enough of Negro rule to understand that their [i.e. white] civilization would perish should black be given the vote and thus be permitted to control the political system.

Whereas whites and blacks in the antebellum South had lived and worked together in close proximity, once the situation changed at the end of the war (especially with the passage of the Reconstruction amendments) some new arrangement became necessary if whites were to preserve their society. Few Southerners of the late nineteenth century believed that whites and blacks could live together in a state of equality without serious social consequences for both races. Therefore, postbellum Southern blacks were disenfranchised and "Jim Crow" laws resulted in a segregated South (today "Jim Crow" has been replaced by what might be called "Jim Snow" policies that discriminate against whites). Though these measures white Southerners were able to exert some control over a still primitive black population. Nonetheless, the “black community" of the late nineteenth century began to experience problems largely absent prior to 1865: black-on-black crime, illegitimacy, abject poverty, disease, and family disintegration, among others. Despite trillions spent on welfare and other programs, these problems--and many others--still plague the "black community" in the present day. Clearly there is an ever-present problem here that emancipation and money did not solve.

Today, it is fashionable for black leaders and their white liberal allies to blame slavery and "racism" for the continuing ills that beset the "black community." These ills were not eradicated by the "Civil Rights" revolution, and now black failure must have a fresh excuse: institutional "racism." To the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world the only remedy is the destruction of white Western civilization in which blacks and other minority victim groups cannot compete and its replacement with a society based on the principles and mores (usually some form of Marxism) of dark-skinned peoples. This is why whites (beginning with Southerners, the easiest targets) and their way of life must be demonized and then eradicated. Blacks and other minorities claim they simply cannot get a fair shake in the white man's world.

The cold facts of history tell us that blacks have never created anything approximating a civilization in the Western sense of the term. Indeed, history gives the lie to the bogus claims of the Afro-centrists who hail Mother Africa as the cradle of a glorious civilization that the white man stole and made his own. What progress and light that did shine on the Dark Continent came only as a result of nineteenth-century European colonialism. Once those colonial regimes were dismantled after World War Two, Africa began a steady descent once again into decadence. One need only look at Zimbabwe (the former prosperous and orderly country of Rhodesia) and Nelson Mandela's South Africa to see the deleterious effects of white disestablishment and black rule. Again, it is a cold and hard fact that if white Christian European-Americans should lose control over the North American continent to non-white minorities, then it will cease to be the civilized place we have known for the past several hundred years. As blacks and other minorities (e.g. Hispanics in the American Southwest) have gained political control over towns and cities, the decline in the quality of life for whites has become precipitous. Whites have quietly deserted the very places their forefathers built rather than stay and be subjected to the crime and disorder that frequently comes with minority rule. Especially intolerable is the never-reported epidemic of black-on-white violent crime. Whites, then, do not leave because they are "racists" (whatever that means), but because they fear for their lives and property in an unfamiliar and inhospitable environment. They have become cultural outsiders.

By inflating the moral worth of non-white cultures while at the same time diminishing the stature of white Western civilization, the left has succeeded in lowering the cultural aspirations of the white man. Why listen to Mozart when you can have Rap? Today, because of the influence of the MTV-Hollywood nexus, it is the epitome of "cool" among young whites to act like blacks or other minorities. Baggy pants, backward-turned caps, Rap music, sexual license, all are manifestations of this descent to the lowest cultural common denominator. And stemming naturally from this sad state of affairs is not a sense of cultural equality but of cultural superiority--non-white over white. It is then but a short series of steps from white guilt over slavery and "racism," to equality, to multiculturalism and diversity, to hate crimes and hate speech, to the ultimate compromise of racial (i.e. national) extinction through miscegenation. At that point (which we are approaching rapidly in the early 21st century) the old European-American Christian civilization will be ready for the dustbin of history.

The appeal of non-white-dominated popular culture (especially sports and entertainment) combined with low white birth rates and massive Third World immigration threatens to engulf whites both culturally and genetically. What will happen when America is no longer a "white Christian nation?" Already we have seen that the "Civil Rights" revolution of the 1950s and 1960s (the Second Reconstruction) was more about special privileges for blacks and other minorities than about "equality." Moreover, guilt-ridden whites have acquiesced to a campaign of silence about the epidemic of black-on-white violent crime (the media's dirty little secret that never gets reported). It is an open secret today that many black and Hispanic leaders are calling on their followers to "get even" with Whitey for perceived past injustices. For proof, I give you the current “Revenge for Trayvon” campaign egged on by the President and the Justice Department.

There are, however, some blacks who see the truth and are willing to speak it. One is syndicated columnist and George Mason University economist Walter Williams, who opined that the antebellum South was absolutely right to defend its largely Anglo-Celtic civilization from the machinations of Yankee Abolitionist meddlers. Then there is the late Elizabeth Wright, whose views undoubtedly shook liberal egalitarians to their very core. Wright noted, "I am not fooled by the 'diversity' folk into believing that the institutions of this society will be preserved and honored by those who happen to share my gene pool. . . . The multicultural ideologues . . . make it clear that they view these institutions with contempt. They are working for nothing less than total control. . . ."

Wright indeed pegged the multicultural egalitarians correctly. Raw power is their one and only end, and they will use any means necessary to obtain it. And when they do, white European-Americans will be their first target. Then we will understand what "equality" really means. Wright believed that "when these people [i.e. blacks and other minorities] come to power, their major aim will be to institute their 'enlightenment' policies in all quarters of society. . . . I have heard them refer to liberties such as freedom of speech as no more than . . . 'jive ass claptrap' . . ." She continued: "I predict that, once in power, they will actually create laws to impose interracial unions, in order to finally bring about the 'raceless' dream society. . . . He . . . who insists on union with his own kind will be dubbed an intractable racist and sent off for further re-education."

It goes without saying that few whites today would have the intestinal fortitude to say what Elizabeth Wright said, and that is precisely the problem. Even in the benighted and "racist" South, most whites will no longer speak and act in their own interests. However, the situation in Dixie, as bad as it is (especially in the big cities, yuppie suburbs, and wimpy churches), is much better than elsewhere. If a spirited defense of white, Western, Christian civilization is to be mounted on these shores, it will be in the South among that remnant of proud Anglo-Celts who remember the glories of their past. As likely as not, the South will find it necessary to break away from a decrepit Union that has already succumbed to the poison of multiculturalism and then form a new polity dominated by the mores and institutions of our own civilization.

Once again, Elizabeth Wright (and don't you feel ashamed that a black woman dared do our talking for us?) seemed to understand our predicament better than most whites themselves. She saw "no deep-seated, heartfelt opposition to this trend [i.e. multiculturalism] except among white 'Southrons.' Other types of conservatives talk tough until an epithet is hurled their way. Then they fold." Undoubtedly she made reference here to the Republican Party. Wright concluded her remarkable essay with a call to arms for white Southerners: "Who is most likely to fight the hardest to maintain and conserve this extraordinary experiment in freedom. . . ? Who else but the actual descendants of those Founders, that's who. That means you, white Southrons. Once you lay down the sword, that will be the end of resistance. . . . I view the battle as one that can only be accomplished by whites. . . . I would think that most whites would want to be among the last who would destroy that which came out of the genius of their ancestors. So, if a 'white' South would guarantee the preservation of those institutions . . . then let's have a White South."

Wright's clarion call was refreshing indeed. But it is white Southerners themselves who must muster the courage to act and act soon. Demographers predict that whites will be a minority in this country by 2040 (this is already true in California and several other States). If we are not willing to fight to preserve that glorious heritage bequeathed us by men of honor, genius, and principle, then we truly deserve the disinheritance that will befall us within the next half century. We are sowing the wind because of our inaction regarding immigration and multiculturalism. We will likely reap the whirlwind.

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Announcing The 2012 LS National Conference

It is my pleasure to announce that the 2012 League of the South national conference will be held in the new Alabama LS culture center and headquarters in Wallsboro (Elmore County), Alabama, on 20-21 July (Friday-Saturday). The LS building is located on US Hwy. 231 north of Montgomery, the first Capital of the Confederacy. The new venue was opened to the public on Saturday, 21 January, with speeches, music, food, and good Southern fellowship. We look forward to showing off our newest League real estate to you all this coming summer. Please mark the dates on your calendar and plan to join us for a fun, informative, and inspiring weekend on our own beautiful property.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Bringing Communities Back To Life.” The program will feature several practical workshops that cover the cultural, social, economic, and political revitalization of our Southern communities. Confirmed speakers thus far are Michael Peroutka, noted attorney and former Constitution Party Presidential candidate; Franklin Sanders, author, editor of The Moneychanger and The Free Magnolia, and LS Board member; Mike Tuggle, blogmaster of The Rebellion Blog and LS Board member; and Michael Hill, LS President. As usual, we will have some surprises.

More information about the program, speakers, entertainment, lodging, etc. will be forthcoming.

The conference fees, which include a locally catered BBQ dinner (as opposed to “lunch”) at noon on Saturday, are as follows:

  • Individual $60
  • Couple (Husband & Wife) $95
  • Family (including all children) $100 plus $10 per meal Note: Meal fees will be collected at sign-in desk when you arrive at Conference.

You may pay your conference fee either by filling out the form provided below and sending it along with a check to the League office or you may pay online by PayPal.

We look forward to seeing you in The Heart of Dixie in July!

For more information, call the League at (800) 888-3163 or contact us
via email.

Great News! Wigginton's Will Have A New Home Thanks To You!

LS News Service
Editor's Note: The following is related to the League's ongoing efforts on behalf of the victims of the Spring 2011 tornadoes.


I'm happy to report that
Mrs. Joyce Wigginton of Hackleburg, Alabama, our "adopted" tornado relief family, has now received enough funds to have built her foundation for her new home. The builders may come as early as today to start actualy construction of the new house.

She wanted me to thank you all for your generosity and kindness. Moreover, I would like to thank you as well. By God's grace we were able to help Mrs. Wigginton and her family through this crisis to the point that they will now have a new home in which to live. Once it's completed and the family moves in, Sara and I will go down and take a look. We will take pictures and post them so you can see what your donations help us do for this family.

Again, Many thanks!
J. Michael Hill

For more information, call the League at (800) 888-3163 or contact us
via email.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Name and A Place Among the Nations of the Earth

J. Michael Hill - LS President
Secession talk is spreading like wildfire across the country. Polls tell us that support for the States reasserting their sovereignty under the 10th Amendment is higher than ever. Financial and political failure and ineptitude point up the invalidity of large nation-states and empires in the early 21st century.
The prospect of devolution cuts across political and ideological lines; left and right in the U.S. both support measures to restrain the illicit power of Washington, DC. Nor is the anti-DC movement restricted to one particular historic American region. Vermont, Alaska, and Hawaii bear this out.
But as a native Southerner, I am primarily concerned about the South and her future. I love my own people better than anyone else. Will our cultural inheritance, our liberty, and our people be best served by remaining within an increasingly alien and hostile “union” or by going our own way as an independent confederation of States?
There are plenty of well-intentioned voices suggesting that the South remain part of the current political, cultural, social, and economic arrangement. Within that arrangement these people apparently hope to defend our Southern inheritance of liberty in all its tangible and non-tangible manifestations. Their great hope is to convince the ruling elite that they must reform themselves for the betterment of all, including the traditional South. Furthermore, theirs is a tacit acknowledgement that if only the South’s foes would see the truth, then they would embrace our Southern inheritance as the panacea for all of America’s ills.
Permit me now to object. The South’s elitist enemies do not care about truth or about how sublime we think our way of life to be. On the contrary, they consider us as expendable rednecks. They care about power and power alone. The reason they view our flags and other concrete symbols of our civilization as threatening, divisive, and offensive is because the ideas and people that these symbols represent are threatening, divisive, and offensive to their worldview. And all challenges to their power must be eradicated by whatever means necessary. Do you really believe that the South’s enemies are open to reasonable discussion?
When we and our symbols cease to be threatening, divisive, and offensive to our enemies, then it can mean only one thing. We have lost. For our own sake and that of our posterity, may we always be a stumbling block to our enemies. May we always be prepared to fight tooth and nail for our land and our people.
The voluntary Union of sovereign States given us by the Founders is now a dead thing of the past. The revolution that destroyed the Constitution and our old republic has come and gone and most folks do not even realize it. What many “conservatives” today seek to conserve is only a pale imitation of long departed principles and the way of life they once informed. In short, the current polity is well past meaningful reformation. Adhering to it in the hope that it can be reformed is a suicidal course for the South and her people. The indisputable evidence of this is before our eyes daily, yet many are still blinded to it.
The South is now ruled by an alien class and ideology that are completely hostile to our historic way of life. Our values, mores, and ethics are mocked. Our people have become nothing more than voters in rigged and meaningless four-year election cycles; consumers of foreign-made trinkets and poisoned food products; cannon fodder for the empire’s aggressive foreign military campaigns; and sheep to be fleeced for higher and higher taxes and immoral bailouts of the elites. It is clear that the descendants of America’s proud and hardy founding stock have meekly acquiesced in their dispossession and a resulting third-class status behind loud and domineering minority groups and Third World immigrants. But we still smile and hope for the best.
The imperial executive branch in Washington has implemented a police state at home and a quagmire of conflict abroad. Congress rubber-stamps whatever the executive branch desires. The courts mock truth, justice, and God at every turn. Our own State governments, poisoned finally by the miasmic vapors from the Potomac, have become the preserves of toadies, hacks, and sycophants who envy what Washington, DC, is able to do to the rights and liberties of the people. The media ridicule us for our dress and speech, manners and mores. Our schools and colleges have long lapsed from our control, teaching our young to despise their ancestors and themselves. Big business funds our enemies to the tune of hundreds of millions a year. The Founders’ Constitution is long dead and buried, replaced with a false document forged in the wake of the bloody subjugation of the Confederacy. I ask you, then, why should we stay and subject ourselves to the machinations of this organized criminal enterprise in DC? Could we not do better on our own? At the very least, we would be ruling our own house according to our own accepted standards.
The Southern Cause has long been ridiculed as the Lost Cause. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The real Lost Cause is the American Empire and any attempts to reform it. Southern independence is the only realistic hope we have of leaving our own children and grandchildren a bright and prosperous future. Without our independence, we will have no way of turning back the revolution that holds the South captive. Do you really think that the socialist-fascist revolutionaries are really through with us? Do you think they will halt their perverse agenda short of total victory? And that total victory means the final destruction of all that you, dear fellow Southerner, hold dear—family, faith, and freedom.
For those timid souls who desire to take the safe and familiar path that leads to half measure, we in The League of the South bid you to rethink your position and join with us. From the start, we have been staunch defenders of the whole measure of independence. God willing, we shall so remain.
Every man must choose for himself the path he will tread. It is human nature to seek out the easy way. That is what our enemies count on us to do. The familiar course is comfortable and reassuring and is lined with every sort of physical, emotional, and spiritual allurement. But in the end it leads to Hell. Conversely, the path that begins dark, dreary, and foreboding leads ultimately, as Scripture tells us, to the light. Those who have trod this way have often suffered mightily (examine the tribulations of Jefferson Davis, not to mention the ultimate example of our Lord and Saviour, Christ Jesus), and in their suffering they have found redemption for themselves, their people, and their civilization. Walking the hard, ominous path is called duty. No one who performs his duty ever really loses. Perhaps he is seen as a loser according to the world’s standards, but not according to the perfect standards of Providence.
We do not live in the past, but the past lives in us. By all worldly accounts, our Confederate ancestors lost. Their efforts to establish an independent South did not bear fruit from 1861-65. But the ebb and flow of future events are unknown to mortal man. The seeds sown by those noble souls some 140 years ago, watered by their blood, sweat, and tears, and superintended by the unmovable hand of Providence may yet spring to life in our own day.
If those men and women of the Confederacy were right in their day, then we who seek independence for the South are right in ours. Let us do our duty in all things, great and small, in the sure hope that the God of our fathers will indeed vindicate a just cause.
May God answer the prayer of the humble Lee when he asked that the South be granted a name and place among the nations of the earth. Southern independence now!
Dr. Michael Hill is President of the League of the South as well as a noted author and historian.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What The Traditional South Wants And Doesn't Want: A Statement To The Rest Of The World

As the only extant Southern Nationalist organization, The League of the South has taken upon itself the responsibility of speaking for the Traditional South. Someone else will have to speak for the New South; we want no part of it.
What we want:
To live in peace with the rest of the world, if possible;
To engage in fair trade with Europe, Asia, Latin America, and other emerging world markets;
To avoid entangling political and military alliances with all other nations;
To return to a sound currency and to re-establish a solid manufacturing base in the Southern States;
To help Southerners become freeholders by the ownership of family farms and small businesses;
To halt illegal immigration completely;
To protect our natural environment from the effects of over-population and irresponsible business practices;
To eschew aggressive war as a means of foreign policy, especially in the volatile Middle East;
To preserve the South for Southerners by establishing a Southern constitutional republic based on historic Christian principles and mores;
To withdraw from all international bodies which threaten national sovereignty;
To oppose globalization and the elite class that profits from it;
To destroy the Establishment’s political stranglehold by the Republican and Democrat parties.
What we don’t want:
To engage in “perpetual war for perpetual peace” nor to witness the shedding of any more Southern blood for the advancement of the American Empire;
To rule the world by spreading global capitalism and global democracy;
To engage in unfair trade practices with other nations, either through so-called “free trade” agreements or through the establishment of protective tariffs;
To extend “most favored nation” status to any country;
To force the “Southern way” on any other people anywhere in the world;
To continue the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or to go to war with Iran;
To go to war against any nation except in self defense;
To continue the outsourcing of Southern jobs to other countries with lower wages;
To continue to live in the godless, multicultural American Empire.
Though there are in 2007 relatively few Southern Nationalists, our ranks grow daily. As the perceptible decline of American society continues, thousands upon thousands will be added to our numbers. It is clear to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear that the entity we call The United States of America is in its death throes. It is hated abroad for its unprovoked aggression, especially in the Middle East; it is plagued by a rapidly declining dollar and a woefully bad economy, at least for the working classes; it has become a Third World-type exporter of raw materials and an importer of finished goods; it has run up massive trade deficits that cannot be sustained; it has become the world’s largest debtor nation and is in thrall to other nations which hold its outstanding debt; it is unwilling to protect its own borders against a huge influx of illegal immigration; it has abandoned the Christian principles and mores that once made it a stable and productive society; it has exported to the world a corrupt and corrupting culture of death; it has cast aside its own governing document, and its elites now rule its citizens-turned-subjects by fiat backed by force or the threat of force; it no longer has an independent press that serves as a watchdog of government; it has demeaned true patriotism and replaced it with a dangerous and chauvinistic nationalism; and it has demonized anyone who speaks ill of the regime.
After World War Two, the phrase “Ugly American” was used to describe the pushy, know-it-all visitors who descended on the centuries-old civilizations of Europe with unwelcome advice on how to live the good life. Please understand, however, that these American travelers were not Southerners, who were largely still too poor in the middle of the 20th century to go to places such as London and Paris. Instead, the Ugly Americans were Yankees (not righteous northerners), who claim as a birthright telling others how to live. Today, it is still supercilious Yankees who give America a bad name. We are not they and they are not us! Please learn to distinguish between the two.
Unfortunately, over 140 years of propaganda directed toward a defeated and occupied South has convinced many of our Southern brothers and sisters that the Yankees were right. We believed we were a poor and backwards people, living in a benighted region with no hope for the future. But in reality, nothing was further from the truth. Today, the South, with a population of over 100 million and an economy behind only those of the remainder of the United States, China, and Japan (and considerably ahead of Germany, France, and Britain), is truly the epitome of an authentic nation. That is, we are a distinct people, steeped in tradition, living on our own lands. We have all that is necessary to offer a bright future of freedom and prosperity to our children and grandchildren. The only thing lacking at present is the will to use it for our benefit.
Though Southerners have been a patient and patriotic people, our patience is wearing thin, as is our willingness to sacrifice for those who use and exploit us for their own benefit. We Southerners are the blood descendants of those who played the largest role in carving a civilization out of the North American wilderness over the past few centuries. We have seen our accomplishments belittled and our civilization stolen from us. We will no longer tolerate living under an alien ruling class motivated by an alien ideology.
To the rest of the world we proclaim our allegiance to our own people and to our God. By the same token, we withdraw whatever allegiance we might once mistakenly have given to the present regime. Henceforth, we seek to rule ourselves by our own principles and for our own well being. 

May God vindicate our noble and just Cause. 

Michael Hill
The League of the South
Killen, Alabama

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Real Domestic Terrorists

Dr. Michael Hill - LS President
Those who support States rights, constitutional government, and the right of secession are now commonly called by the ruling elite right-wing extremists and potential domestic terrorists. We traditional Southerners are indeed familiar with this game. Had the term been around then, our ancestors—from Washington and Jefferson to Lee and Davis—would have been called domestic terrorists by the Brits and Yankees, respectively. As it was, they were simply called “traitors.” We reject the use of both terms for ourselves and for our forebears. Instead, we can make a good case that the real threats to domestic peace and quiet are on the other side. And yet we continue to pay them tribute and allow them to rule over us.

Who They Are?

The real domestic terrorists were (and are) those who oppose ordered Christian liberty and the worldview which upholds it. Indeed, Abe Lincoln and his minions have sired a long line of domestic terrorists, including most recently George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama (and all who aid them in their misrule). We might throw the larger part of Congress into the mix as well.

Most of what the U.S. government does is beyond the bounds of its constitutional limitations. That makes it unlawful. That which is unlawful ultimately terrorizes society. Jefferson told us that the fundamental law of the land should be viewed as chains to bind a singularly dangerous beast (the general government). For a while the beast was successfully bound; however, he slipped his chains for good in 1865 and our republic of republics was lost. Today, we live under a strange combination of socialism and fascism that would surely please a Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, or Mao as much as it would disgust our Founders.

How we came to this point is fairly clear—there was a slow and steady revolution, and most Americans were asleep while it patiently worked its way through virtually every institution in the land. Some of our fellow subjects still don’t realize what has transpired. But they soon will.

Things were bad under Bush II. But because he and the GOP masqueraded as “conservatives,” most Americans thought all was well. But as a famous Alabamian once said, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties. And he was right. Bush I or Clinton; Bush II or Obama—the rhetoric may differ but the results are still the same: bigger, more intrusive, and lawless central government and less liberty and prosperity for the rest of us. Now, what little we have left in terms of liberty and property is being taken from us openly without any meaningful resistance on our part.

An Organized Criminal Enterprise

That the U.S. government is an organized criminal enterprise cannot be doubted by anyone who has kept abreast of the on-going, broad-open-daylight effort to loot the country’s wealth. The multiple trillion dollars’ worth of bailouts and related schemes have enriched even further the Money Men who pull the strings that animate the politicians, and the fleecing shows no sign of abatement. In case you’re wondering why this is being allowed to happen, remember this—your Congressmen and Senators don’t work for you; rather, they work for those who fill their campaign coffers and make election and re-election possible. They work for the Money Men, and the Money Men own “your” government lock, stock, and barrel. And they are about to own everything else . . . unless they are stopped.

Don’t expect an appeal to the Constitution or to common decency to stop the criminal class from further terrorizing the country. Of the latter, they have none. And to them, the former is but a mere scrap of parchment. In fact, wasn’t it George W. Bush who called it just a “G-d damned piece of paper?” Well, in a way he was right (but for the wrong reason, of course). The great Southern political philosopher John C. Calhoun also noted that the Constitution was but an inanimate object, incapable of enforcing itself. Rather, he said, it is up to the people, in their capacity as citizens of the several sovereign States, to make sure it is enforced. He also told us: “Only power can check power.”

So, in reality, we are in the mess we’re in because we have not done our job of keeping the singularly dangerous beast chained down. It has broken free and become our master and we its servants. In the process it has become exceedingly powerful as well. It holds us in the balance of life and death, or so it seems.

Mounting The Resistance

Any form of tyranny deserves a hard resistance. The current crop of domestic terrorists will not stop looting our wealth and our inheritance of liberty until we make them stop. It’s as simple as that. We Southerners ought to be the first to resist; such audacity is in our blood. But what can we do in the face of such irresistible power? First, we can psychologically withdraw our consent from the criminal class that rules over us. Our system is supposedly based on the “consent of the governed.” If you believe it still is, then withdraw your consent. Not even the hardest tyranny can exist without the support of the “drawers of water and hewers of wood” (to use an old Irish example). Once we withdraw our consent psychologically, then we can begin to withdraw it physically. Simply put, don’t work for them in any capacity and don’t give them anything you can keep out of their thieving hands. Don’t patronize their institutions. Don’t vote for anyone who runs in their pack. Remember, they are robbing you (and your posterity) blind under color of law without fear of reprisal. Make them earn what they steal from you.

I have been asked by some: “How do we resist this criminal element when we have no way of getting at them?” That’s a logical question. After all, who is going to march into the bowels of DC or Wall Street and arrest the President, the Fed Chairman, the Treasury Secretary, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, or even your garden-variety Congressman or Senator? They live and work like royalty in veritable fortresses constructed and guarded with the money they’ve looted from you, the peasants. They’re also protected by “the law” (which they get to make and interpret), and if you break it they’ll lock you away or shoot you. So how do you stop this criminal element? While you may not be able to exert any direct influence on the big fish, you certainly can make life very uncomfortable for the smaller fish—the enforcers who do their dirty work on the State and local levels.

History is full of examples of how occupied peoples socially ostracized their occupiers. If your community has enforcers of the present tyranny, make sure everyone knows who they are and what they’re up to. Isolate them and give no voluntary cooperation. Our rights to life, liberty, and property come from God and not from any government. Behave as if you believe this. If they tell you it is illegal to grow your own food to feed yourself and your neighbors, then grow your own food in spite of them. This restriction is not as farfetched as you might think. If they tell you to turn in your firearms, hide them away. If they show up at your door to collect them, resist. The law of self-protection is fundamental and Biblical. If they tell you it is forbidden to worship the true and living God, then do it openly in the public square. If they come to take your children, then behave like a cornered animal. Under no circumstances should you voluntarily give up your God-given rights to tyrants. They are used to a soft and acquiescing populace. Surprise them. Again, make them pay a high price for what they steal.

Resistance From The States

If you want to defend your community from the domestic terrorists, first use the proper constitutional vehicle—your State. This is where ultimate temporal sovereignty resides in our system. Of course, most (if not all) of our State governments are in the hands of men who seek the favor of the criminal class, are a part of it (or at lease aspire to be), or are scared to challenge it. But it is a much easier task to take control of your State government than it is to affect policy in Washington, DC. If your State has already passed a Sovereignty Resolution or is considering one, you have some hope. Talk with your elected State and local officials about strengthening your State Militia or State Guard (and I’m not speaking here of the National Guard—that organization is subject to federalization. It is actually part of the U.S. Army). And if you’re so inclined, join up.

We can also use our counties as bulwarks against the criminal class. The County Sheriff is the principal peace officer in his jurisdiction. As such, he can lawfully tell the Feds to “Go to Hell” and stay out of his territory. He also can deputize as many of the county’s citizens as he wishes and have them armed to the teeth. No one can over-rule him within his boundaries. Make sure your current Sheriff knows his authority and to whom he answers (you and your neighbors). If he is unwilling to use his authority for the good of the people of his jurisdiction, replace him at the first opportunity.

I discourage the formation of private militias except as a last resort. If your State and local officials refuse to serve the citizens and to protect them by the historic means of Nullification, Interposition, or Secession, then you may have reached the “last resort.” In that case, you have no other alternative except to bow to the will of your masters. Every free man and woman should exercise their rights as expressed in the Second Amendment. Moreover, they should be prepared to defend themselves and their families from actions that jeopardize life, liberty, and property. When political alternatives are no longer available, this is how it boils down. Let’s hope we never reach this point.

All We Wish Is To Be Left Alone

We common Southerners (and most other Americans) prefer to be free to work, worship, and raise our children under the arrangement bequeathed us by our Founders. We do not wish to take that which is not ours or to deprive others of what is rightfully theirs. Nor do we wish to tell others how they ought to live. We are not driven by utopian ideologies or perverse fantasies. We do not wish to conquer the world and ride it, booted and spurred, to satisfy a lust for power and position. As Jefferson Davis said, all we wish is to be left alone. But we are not being left alone; on the contrary, we are being robbed blind by the biggest, most blatant and shameless heist in the history of the world. And not only is our wealth being taken, but our liberties as well. We are also being overrun by an alien population as a result of unlimited and illegal immigration from Latin America.

So, you tell me who are the domestic terrorists? Those who wish to live in peace according to the original American arrangement or those who seek its overthrow for their own greed and ambition?

That the criminal class that now runs America has tried to make us out to be the domestic terrorists ought to tell you something. They are projecting onto us the very characteristics they themselves possess. This dishonest process is called The Law of Preemptory Accusation—they hit you before you can hit them. If they’re thieves, they accuse you of theft; if they’re liars, they accuse you of lying. If they’re haters, they accuse you of hatred. You get the picture.

It is not too late for the domestic terrorists that control this regime (both Democrats and Republicans, Washington and Wall Street) to back off and behave as they should. In truth, I believe they should apologize for all their crimes, return all they have stolen (with penalties and interest attached), pledge henceforth to obey the true and fundamental law of the land, and lock themselves up for a long stint in prison. In short, I believe they ought to be our servants and us their masters. I also believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.

J. Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama

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